The Spray-Crete Textured System is a high performance, decorative concrete resurfacing system. Spray-Crete is capable of simulating many different construction materials such as tile, brick and natural stone.

Comprised of the finest raw materials, Spray Crete is a 100% acrylic polymer - modified portland cement coating. The Spray-Crete system may be sprayed or troweled on to protect and beautify any sound substrate, such as new and old concrete and masonry surfaces.

The Spray-Crete resurfacing system offers benefits such as:

  • Environmentally friendly, waterborne composition - also allows for trouble free interior applications.

  • On-grade or above grade applications.

  • Excellent perfomance in freeze-thaw conditions, due to tremendous flexibility and bond strength.

  • Extremely resistant to stains, salt, water, fire, oil, and grease.

  • Quick completion times.